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Welcome to our world, where love is not only our personal story but the very essence of our craft. We are Ilona & Ralf, partners in love and photography, intertwining our lives for the past 23 years.

Our journey began as a shared dream, blossoming into a beautiful reality where we find joy in working side by side every day. With two incredible kids, our love has multiplied, creating a vibrant tapestry of laughter, adventure, and endless support.

Ralf, the maestro behind the lens, captures the essence of moments with an artistry that reflects our shared passion. Ilona, your 2nd shooter and the master of light, is the silent orchestrator behind the scenes, ensuring every frame tells a captivating story.

Embracing life is not just a mantra; it’s our way of being. With our lenses and hearts wide open, we traverse the world, seeking the beauty in every corner, capturing the magic of life’s fleeting moments.

Our photography is not just a profession; it’s a celebration of love in all its forms. Every click echoes the laughter of our journey, and every frame reflects the beauty that surrounds us. We invite you to join us on this adventure, where love and photography dance in perfect harmony.

Come, let us tell your story through the lens of our shared passion, creating timeless memories that reflect the love that binds us all.

With love and light,

Ilona & Ralf
Weddings are a record event in any love story. Documenting authentic moments of couples and their family's reunion fascinates and excites us over and over again.
Ilona & Ralf

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Once the blossoms wither away, the cake is consumed, and cherished memories start to dim despite our earnest efforts to preserve them… what remains? Photographs!